Repository for code experiments. Mostly C/++.

  • algo: assorted algorithms.
  • arithmetic_folding: how far will the compiler go to optimize a sequence of arithmetic operations that involve constant expressions?
  • base64: Base64 (RFC 4648) encoder/decoder.
  • bit_pattern: compile-time bit pattern matcher based on C++ Weekly ep. 230.
  • bsearch: good old binary search.
  • c_wrapper: wrapper for C-style void* + function pointer pairs.
  • event_dispatcher: type-safe event listener/dispatcher.
  • lambda: lambda (ab)uses.
  • list: linked lists.
  • packet_reader: structured data packet reader.
  • popcount: set bit counter.
  • reflection: basic structure reflection using C++17 structured bindings.
  • time: simple time measurement and reporting program.
  • yaml: YAML converter utility.