impero is a graphical command executor, intended to be used via a keyboard shortcut. Available commands are displayed and optionally filtered with the contents of a text field. When one is selected using Tab/Shift-Tab + Enter, it is executed and the program exits.

Available commands are read from files, separated by new-line characters. The $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/impero/commands.txt (or equivalent for the platform) is read, unless the --defaults no argument is specified. An additional file can be specified with --from-file path/to/file.

$ # Reads commands from `$XDG_CONFIG_DIR/impero/commands.txt`.
$ impero
$ # Reads commands from a file
$ impero --from-file path/to/file



Both autotools and cmake builds are supported. impero uses Qt for the graphical use interface. The only dependencies are Qt's Core and Wigets modules (see and CMakeLists.txt).

$ # autotols build
$ ./configure && make
$ # cmake build
$ cmake -B . && make