Something (guitar solo)

Day 24 without a musical instrument, I think the longest I've ever been without playing music since I was 15. So here I am editing old, unfinished recordings to try to stay sane.

Here is a rough version of the guitar solo from “Something”, one of George Harrison's finest songs and guitar works. The recording is from some months ago, but I learned it years before and it has been the soundtrack of many nights where it's just me and my guitar.

One day I'll record it properly and in full, but today this is all I can do. There's only video for the main guitar part, so you'll have to imagine the rhythm guitar and bass.

“Somewhere in her smile, she knows
That I don't need no other lover
Something in her style that shows me

I don't want to leave her now
You know I believe and how

You're asking me, will my love grow?
I don't know, I don't know
You stick around, now, it may show
I don't know, I don't know”