Red Hat

A series of internal presentations on the various components and processes of OpenShift's Continuous Integration (CI) team.

These presentations center on the architecture of ci-operator, the core test executor of the CI system which handles tens of thousands of daily jobs, doing source code / container image builds, temporary cluster provisioning, test scheduling and execution, release management, etc.

Linux containers

The focus of container tooling has been on ease of use, shielding the developer from the intricacies of the kernel components. However, a deeper understanding of the implementation is critical to develop systems that take advantage of these technologies effectively.

This presentation explores the kernel and user-space elements that support the implementation and the use of containers, to clarify and allow critical reasoning about the advantages, disadvantages and limitations of their utilization.

Free cloud with ownCloud

A presentation of the project and a practical guide for people with no or little experience with servers and/or ownCloud to create their own installation of this personal cloud service.

bash and gnu/linux

A practical demonstration of the use of GNU tools in a Linux operating system in common day-to-day tasks of programmers / systems administrators.