src Directory Reference

Main source directory (C++20, Lua).


Directory dependency graph for src:


directory  audio
directory  collision
 Collision detection and resolution for various collider object types.
directory  compute
 Compute back ends.
directory  font
 Utilities for fonts, text, and text boxes.
directory  glsl
directory  graphics
 Graphics back ends.
directory  input
 Terminal/keyboard/mouse input.
directory  lson
directory  lua
 Lua library and scripts.
directory  math
 Abstract mathematical utilities.
directory  os
 Platform configuration, operating system utilities.
directory  render
 High-level rendering module.
directory  timing
 Clocks, timers, profiling.
directory  utils


file  const.h [code]
file  debug.h [code]
file  entity.cpp
file  entity.h [code]
file  lua_entity.cpp
file  main.cpp

Detailed Description

Main source directory (C++20, Lua).

Only a minimal amount of core source lives directly under this directory. Most code is placed under modules in each subdirectory (see the documentation of each of them for details). Dependencies between modules are kept to a minimum and with few exceptional cases the dependency graph is a DAG.


All configuration is done using command-line arguments, and all command-line argument processing is done using Lua. Each argument is processed similarly to how the standalone Lua interpreter processes the LUA_INIT* variables: